Energy Efficiency

Joey (AHA!) has some tips about how to cut down on energy use (and maybe help prevent blackouts while the temperature is in the triple digits).

Energy efficiency is about more than just “being green,” it can really save you money. People with low-incomes spend a higher percentage of their income on utility bills, so it is important to get the most out of your dollar when it comes to your utility bills. Continue reading

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Expect the Unexpected

Andrew gives some advice in his final blog entry.

I have learned so many things over the past 11 months, and I literally have no idea what I want to post about in this final blog for my term in Americorps. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve in my community.  The past 11 months have been full of ups and downs, but the community at SafePlace and with my fellow AmeriCorps service members has been a true second family. Continue reading

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Elizabeth’s last blog is a thoughtful analysis of her term at Texas Low Income Housing Information Service.

One of the first important things I learned during my term as an ASSET member was on the very first day of training. As we closed our binders and prepared to leave, Salena told us we had one more activity to complete before we were dismissed: Plus/ Delta. Continue reading

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The ASSET Legacy

Juan talks about the good news that ARCIL will continue to offer many of the services that ASSET navigators have been previously been responsible for.

As the ASSET*AmeriCorps program comes to a close, I can report that my host site is committed to providing the level of information resources initially made available  by ASSET’s core services. Continue reading

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Autism Assessment, Research, and Intervention Clinics

Courtney writes about the Brazos Valley Rehabilitation Center getting a great program off the ground. It seems that this program will be a great resource for the community!

Recently Brazos Valley Rehabilitation Center (BVRC) successfully completed its first session of Autism Assessment, Research and Intervention Clinics. In June, we began our first session of Autism Clinics servicing preschoolers and toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Continue reading

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In Review

Lindsey reflects on the importance of her relationships with clients during her term. Thanks, Lindsey!

In reviewing my term of service at Imagine Art I have concluded that my main contribution has been purely relational. The information that I have had to offer has been used, but in a minimal way in comparison to the development of relationships between myself and the clients of Imagine Art. Continue reading

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A Follow-Up on the Financial Peace University Course

Lindsey describes a course currently being offered at Imagine Art. Thanks, Lindsey!

Imagine Art obtained the Financial Peace University Course through a grant basis. After the grant was received, we offered a two week period for the clients at Imagine Art to sign up. Continue reading

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My Son

Thank you Hilda, for sharing this story with us.

I believe that one of the things for which I am most grateful of the ASSET Program was that I was given the opportunity to learn about ADD/ADHD symptoms and treatments.  I have an 8-year-old son, who I now understand probably has ADD/ADHD.  Continue reading

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A Stroll Down Memory Lane

The last monthly forum reflection prompt, “your best memory during your time as a navigator,” left me trying to decide for quite some time. Going back through my calendar I realized I’ve had the opportunity to do some really interesting things that I wouldn’t have gotten to do if I hadn’t been in an AmeriCorps program. There were enough highlights that I came up with that I decided to make a blog post.  -Olivia Continue reading

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My Reflection as an AmeriCorps Member

This in-depth look at one experience with AmeriCorps would be helpful to anyone who is thinking about joining. Thanks, Angela!

As I think back on my experience as an AmeriCorps member, I wonder to myself… “would I recommend doing this program to someone else?”  I guess the simple answer is yes… but I wouldn’t recommend it for everybody. Maybe my experience will give a little insight as to what to expect, and help others decide if they think they are a good fit for the program. Continue reading

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